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Thread: Series of pregnancy with bleeding

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    Series of pregnancy with bleeding

    My first two pregnancies required me to be in bed for the first two months. I had a miscarriage on my third. What is the problem?

    Bleeding during my first pregnancy was because of placenta previa. I had a hemmorhage with my second pregnancy because the placenta was slowly tearing. What was causing this?

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    Hi xylumictin,

    I'm so sorry you have had difficulties with bleeding in pregnancy. I know from my own personal experience that bleeding in pregnancy can be incredibly stressful and worrying.

    Unfortunately, around 1 in every 5 pregnancies end in a miscarriage. In most of these cases there is nothing the mum has done to cause this. There is more information about understanding miscarriage in this article.

    In placenta previa your placenta is lying very low in the uterus. This means that heavy bleeding is a possibility: during pregnancy, and during and after the baby is born. Placenta previa makes it more difficult for the placenta itself to be delivered.

    I'm afraid the cause of placenta previa is unknown. However it is more common if you: have scarring in the uterus, have fibroids, smoke, are over 35 and unfortunately the risk is also higher if you have experienced it before.

    Would anyone else like to support xylumictin and share their experiences of placenta previa?

    With my best wishes,

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    Hi, LJ.

    Well, I am not yet over 35 and I don't smoke. If ever I have fibroids, that would be seen in ultrasounds even during pregnancy, right? How will I know if I have uterine scars?

    Thanks for being patient.

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    Yes - fibroids can usually be seen on an ultrasound.

    A procedure called a laparoscopy can be used to diagnose uterine scars. The laparoscopy can also be used to remove some scars. Uterine scars can be caused by:

    - endometriosis
    - previous surgeries
    - sexually transmitted diseases



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