Here are my questions:
1.) Is it true that it would be difficult to conceive again after a miscarriage? I got pregnant with my 1st baby soon after I got married, and to my 2nd, soon after my husband and I tried to conceive. A year after my 2nd baby died, we tried to conceive again and I did. But then I had a miscarriage. Since that time, February 2013, we have been trying but I am not getting pregnant. Which leads to the second question:

2.) What may be the factors? Was my uterus damaged during the miscarriage?

3.) What should I do to get pregnant again?

4.) Is it safe to get a typhoid vaccine before getting pregnant? I had typhoid during my 2nd pregnancy which lead us to no choice but to induce my baby while she was still 8 months inside. She died after a month in the incubator. I do not want this to happen again.

Thanks. I'll be waiting for your response.