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    Natural childbirth after caesarean

    Hi, I have a very important question for me.
    My first childbirth was natural childbirth, but unfortunately the second one was done by means of emergency caesarean.
    Is there any opportunity to have third childbirth as natural childbirth.
    Thanks in advance for replay

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    Thank you for your important question.

    Yes! It is possible to have a vaginal birth after a caesarean section (VBAC). There is lots of extra information about VBACs here. The chance of having a c-section is higher if you have had one previously, however, it is certainly possible in many cases. You may find having a doula to support you in pregnancy and labour helpful.

    A VBAC is generally safer than a c-section because of the additional risks carried by having a c-section. If you have had a c-section previously then there is a small risk of a scar separation. However, this only occurs in around 1% of cases. You will be monitored in labour to check how you and the baby are doing anyway.

    Studies show you are more likely to have a VBAC if you have a natural labour rather than being induced.

    In conclusion, around 80% of women successfully have a VBAC - good support in pregnancy and labour by an experienced midwife who understands your birth wishes can help you to achieve this.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions about this.

    Best wishes,


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