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    Boosting your fertility

    Sometimes pregnancy doesn't happen as quickly as you like, but there are lots of ways to boost your fertility. Strategies range from reviewing your diet right through to medical intervention. But I would like to know are what natural ways have you found successful in boost your fertility? I personally found that charting my cycle and becoming familiar with its rhythms helped me immensely in identifying when I was fertile.
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    In my first pregnancy I used a product that I brought from the chemist (in the pregnancy test section) where you pee on the stick and it tells you if your ovulating or not. I found that my cycle was always out by a few days when I calculated it so this helped to tell when I was ovulating. I fell pregnant the second month after I brought the product and after about 4 months of trying to calculate my cycle.(so took about 6 months to fall) Not sure if worked or was just lucky. Now that I'm tying for number 2 I thought I might try the Saliva kit, I know it's more expensive but last longer, has anyone used one? What other methods did anyone use?

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