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    IVF and breastfeeding podcast

    Hi all,
    Just listened to a fantastic podcast from an Australian Breastfeeding Association councellor who breastfed through ivf treatment. She goes through all the most common drugs and the situations where it may be appropriate to not wean. See
    My ivf-concieved daughter is now 11 months and breastfeeding fairly frequently (about 5 times per day) so this topic is of particular interest to me and may be helpful for others considering fertility treatment for second and subsequent children.

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    Hi PennyB - Welcome to the forum. What a fanastic resource on IVF and breastfeeding. Thanks for sharing. I also love that the rest of this website has lots of podcasts that you can download about all sorts of topics on breastfeeding.
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    To ween or not to ween for a maybe-baby

    Thanks so much for posting that resource PennyB. My daughter (an IVF baby) has just turned one and I am contemplating another pregnancy. Amongst the myriad of considerations, one is my desire not to sever my breastfeeding relationship with my daughter in an attempt to conceive another child.

    An advocate of extended breastfeeding I am unwilling to forgo this relationship for what is, in reality, a very small chance of conception success. After all, my daughter is here and now. How can I sacrifice her needs on a maybe-baby? I had made a conscious decision to be evasive, and lie if necessary, to protect my breastfeeding relationship from IVF doctors who want to control every element of my body and see little value in breastfeeding a one year old.

    Listening to the podcast I now feel much more confident in my stance that weaning, in my situation, is unnecessary.
    Thanks Again!
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