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Thread: Stretch marks

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    Stretch marks

    After my first pregnancy I had no stretch marks on my body at all. And I didn't know how like I was. But after the second pregnancy I've discovered a lot of them on my belly bottom. After 2 years they are not as noticeable, but anyway they are still on my belly Is there any chance to reduce stretch marks? I don't think they can be removed totally.
    And how to avoid them during pregnancy?

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    You may find you get more stretch marks on one pregnancy compared to another because the amount of stretch marks you have depends on:

    - the size of the baby
    - the position of the baby
    - your diet
    - how quickly you put weight on in pregnancy

    Stretch marks do fade with time, although some stretch marks may not completely disappear.

    You can use oil such as coconut oil or almond oil in pregnancy (rub it on each day from the end of the first trimester onwards). There is some more information on reducing stretch marks in pregnancy in this previous thread. There are lots of products available to reduce stretch marks such as Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula but none of these are 100% effective.

    Our bodies change as we bring new life into this world. I like to think of stretch marks as a beautiful sign of this.

    Best wishes,


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