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Thread: Pregnancy after Induced Birth and Miscarriage

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    Pregnancy after Induced Birth and Miscarriage


    My second baby was induced because I had typhoid during my 8th month pregnancy. Since then, I began experiencing menstrual cramps. When I had a miscarriage last February, I began to have irregular periods plus the cramps. Do the induced labor and miscarriage have something to do with it?

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    Hi xylumictin,

    Thank you for your post. I would like to say once again that I'm so sorry for what you have been through.

    After a miscarriage, some women have irregular periods whilst their periods are settling back to normal. However, for some women their periods can remain irregular for an extended period of time following a miscarriage. This is largely due to the changes in a woman's hormones following a miscarriage. Just to clarify, was it February 2013 or 2012 that you experienced the miscarriage?

    Were your periods regular before the miscarriage? Has the period pain that you experience changed since the miscarriage or since you were induced?

    Typhoid itself can also affect the menstrual cycle. Have you seen your doctor recently about this?

    I will ask our midwife Jane to help us to support you with this.

    With my best wishes,

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    Hi xylumictin - Induction of labour doesn't cause irregular periods or menstrual cramps. I do not have any experience with Typhoid as it is very uncommon here in Australia. Have you seen a doctor to exclude anything else that can be causing your symptoms? When experiencing menstrual difficulties it can be helpful to have a health professional guide you with nutrition, exercise and supplements to help improve your symptoms.
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    hi, LJ.

    I would like to thank you first for your unending support and reply to my questions.

    The last time I had typhoid was when I was pregnant with my 2nd baby in 2011. The miscarriage happened last February, just this year, and since then I have irregular periods... which, I think, greatly affects why I cannot really track my ovulation period even with the help of phone applications for tracking and counting menstrual cycles.

    Can I do something to speed up the process for my hormones to be normal again?


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    Dear aussiemidwife,

    Thank you for your reply. The last time I've seen a doctor regarding typhoid was after my daughter's death. He said that I can opt for anti-typhoid vaccine before my next pregnancy to lessen the risks of having it again. But, I really do not know if it's okay... my friend therapist and herbalist said that I just need to boost my immune system through taking food supplements. A friend's doctor (that friend of mine also happens to have had typhoid when she was still single) said that typhoid can easily be triggered if the immune system is weak. So, I guess, I just really need to stay healthy... Or would you advise me to have that anti-typhoid vaccine?

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    I really want to go "all-natural" in my next pregnancy, so I am really not that 100% percent into anti-typhoid vaccine...


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    Dear LJ,

    The period pain start after being induced in 2011, while the irregular periods started after the miscarriage.


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    Hi Xyleane,

    You are very welcome.

    I've put some detailed information about the typhoid vaccine in this thread here under conception questions. I hope this is helpful. It seems it is best to have the typhoid vaccine at least one month (some sources state 3 months) before you try to conceive - you can check the very latest recommended waiting period with your doctor when you have the vaccine. It is best not to have the vaccine in pregnancy. I know it must be hard when you want to have another baby and you don't want to wait, but this would be the recommended way to be protected against typhoid if you are in an area where it is prevalent.

    There is some information here from the CDC about avoiding typhoid. Even if you have the vaccine it is not 100% effective so you still need to try and avoid contaminated food and drink.

    I would second what Jane our midwife said about concentrating on good pre-conception care - this may help your cycles to become regular quicker. Stress is also a factor in preventing your periods from becoming regular again. It would also be useful to check with your doctor, like Jane says, that the typhoid you suffered from is not still affecting your periods.

    After what you have been through, your body may just need extra time to recover and for your periods to settle again. It must be very difficult for you - you have my thoughts.

    Please let us know if this helps with your questions.

    Best wishes,


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    Dear LJ,

    Hi... your answers were very helpful. I will talk with my husband with regards to the vaccine.

    I think typhoid does not have anything to do with my irregular periods. Because after I had typhoid and giving birth to my 2nd baby, my periods were still regular. I just started to have cramps.

    It was just after the miscarriage last February that I started having irregular periods.... plus the cramps.

    Do you think it's necessary for me to fully recover to unload of some work? Or should I really consult a doctor?


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    Hi Xyleane,

    Stress can have a huge affect both on conception and pregnancy. I personally would not underestimate how stress can result in physical problems including irregular periods.

    When I experienced the loss of a baby in a miscarriage I wanted to conceive again straight away. I desperately wanted a baby and I was scared that I could not have children. However, after such a difficult emotional and physical event our bodies often need time to recover and gain strength before the next pregnancy.

    Did you have an ultrasound scan after the miscarriage had occurred to check the miscarriage was 'complete'?

    There is some further useful information about miscarriage on the Tommy's website which I have used before.

    It is not medically concerning that you have not conceived yet since your miscarriage in February (as it often takes couples between 6 and 12 months to conceive). However, if you are concerned that your cycles are still irregular then you should see your doctor.

    Is there any pattern at all to your cycles at the moment?

    Best wishes,


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