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    Is my child suffring from deficiency?


    My one year old baby has developed a new unhealthy habit. She reaches out for the pots in the garden area and eats the soil from it. I have heard that children do this when they are suffering from any kind of deficiency. Is that true? Shall I visit a doctor?


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    When a child eats soil, it could be an indication of mineral deficiency. This is called pica and cribbing.

    I would encourage you to make a green smoothie for your baby every day. Babies LOVE green smoothies and they are full of good nutrients that they need. If your child drinks at least one cup of green smoothie a day, her body will eventually become remineralized.

    You will need a blender, fresh or frozen fruit, and fresh greens like kale, romaine lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, etc. Try not to use bitter greens like dandelion greens.

    Babies usually love a smoothie made with bananas, another fruit like mango or strawberries (or other berries), or peaches - whatever other fruit you want to put in, and then a large handful of dark leafy greens. Add enough water so it blends easily.

    Here are 2 videos of babies who LOVES green smoothies. The minerals in the greens are the most mineral dense part of these smoothies and will boost your baby's immune system along with replacing lost mineral. These are wonderful for you too, especially because you may be breastfeeding and you need to replace the mineral in your own body.

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    Hi Kate,

    Thanks for this wonderful response. I have not got her checked for any deficiency but I like your idea of green smoothie. I think giving my baby green smoothie is going to help her for sure and she will gain the essential minerals and vitamins. The only problem may be taste. She is very naughty and I am not sure if she is going to like the taste of the smoothie but I am going to encourage her by sipping myself. She tries to eat whatever I eat in front of her. May be this will work. Thanks for the videos.


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    Hi Vinni,

    How are you getting on?

    One year olds are at that wonderful stage of exploring the world and everything in it. I would say that a one year old cannot be naughty - they are simply inquisitive and learning their own mind; this is an awesome thing. As you say, we may need to show they certain things by example but this does not mean a child is misbehaving. Hilary Flower (in Adventures in Gentle Discipline) writes:

    'Society tried to teach me that children are by nature selfish, out-of-control, and demanding, that their goal is power and that they are always trying to see how much they can get away with, that you can't let children manipulate you or become too dependant, and that disobedience equals disrespect. As a mother, I have come to believe strongly that my child's primary goals are having his needs met, feeling connected to others, and feeling self-worth. His misbehavior is an attempt to get a need met or to feel significance and connection, done in an inappropriate way.... my job as a parent is to help my child identify and meet those needs in appropriate ways.'

    I think the eating and drinking mirroring by your daughter is a good example of a gentle approach.

    Best wishes,


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