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    Just wondering, is there a disadvantage in waterbirth?

    It is my first pregnancy. I am having a hard time choosing where will I give birth: home, water, or hospital. I hope that you can tell me stories or opinions about what it the best means of giving birth. Thank you!

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    Hi Arlene,

    I had all 5 of my babies at home, and they were the best experiences I could have asked for.

    I do know that with the first baby, had I been in the hospital, that pregnancy most likely would have ended in a C-Section.

    My last two births were with a midwife who was a big advocate of water births. I always enjoyed labouring in the water, but would get out of the tub to give birth because I was afraid that the baby might try to breath underwater. This midwife reassured me that babies will not try to take a breath until their face hits air. I've seen some wonderful water births where the baby "swam" underwater for awhile before mum lifted baby out of the water and onto her chest.

    Here's a beautiful water birth at home where this mum's older daughters and husband were in the water with her for awhile. The girls got out for the birth, but daddy stayed in and caught baby, helping to bring him up into mother's arms. You will notice that the midwife tells her to be sure not to let baby go back under water once he is in her arms. I hope this video helps you to decide to have a home water birth. My water births were the easiest and fastest of all my births. Also, I didn't tear with either of my water births.

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    Thank you Kate! I really appreciate your comment. What you shared with me is really helpful. I would consider waterbirth as my 1st option. I really want to be in the water while giving birth to my 1st baby.

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    Hi Arlene

    Great to hear you're considering waterbirth. My first baby was born in water and it was just the most wonderful thing. Water has so many benefits both during labour and for birth. These are two of my favourite articles on the subject Labouring and Birthing in Water and The History of Waterbirth.

    If you are planning a hospital birth then I recommend 'access to water' be on the top of your list when considering where you'll go. Birth centres tend to have more access to baths for water birth but lots of hospitals now have big baths more readily available. You can find a listing of waterbirth friendly hospitals here: Waterbirth Friendly Hospitals

    That said sometimes not all rooms have baths so you may find on the day (or night) you end up in a room without one. One option to guard against this is to take a birth pool with you! This way you're sure to have access to a pool for labour and birth. You can find a list of birth pool friendly hospitals here: Birth Pool Friendly Hospitals

    Wishing you a glorious water birth and hoping to hear more along your journey to it! On this page you will find many beautiful waterbirth stories which might give you inspiration... Waterbirth Stories

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    Thank you Mumof2IVFmiracles! You gave me a lot of advices and information that really helps. I will take time to read those waterbirth stories and your two favorite articles. I will keep you posted.

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