I've chosen not to vaccinate my children (as a standard) but there have been a couple of occasions when we decided that in those unique circumstances, vaccine was a good solution. I'm becoming more and more convinced that vaccines cause more bad than good, but if you decide to vaccinate your child, you'll want to keep the following in mind:

1. Research all vaccines and choose only the ones that you feel will be the most beneficial given your child's age and the risks associated in contracting the disease. A newborn baby doesn't need a vaccine that's meant to prevent a sexually transmitted disease.

2. Ask that your child have vaccines given only one at a time. "Yes", this means more "shots" for your child, but it can reduce risks associated with vaccines.

3. If you can put vaccines off until the child is older and has a stronger immune system then consider doing this.

4. Be sure your child's immune system is as strong as possible because they will have to fight off and build up immunity to the actual disease that is introduced into the body. Many doctors will give vaccines if the child has a cold or cough but you really want your child's immune system to be as strong as possible to reduce risks of adverse reactions so you may want to consider rescheduling for a day when your child is completely well.

5. Find a practitioner who will support you in your vaccine choices. Some Homeopaths have remedies that offer alternative protection to vaccines. There are some practitioners listed in the Health Professionals supportive of vaccination alternatives thread.

Or you can look for a practitioner that meets your needs on the "Find A Practitioner" page.

If you'd like to learn more about the potential risks of vaccinations, take a look at the thread that discusses How to make an informed decision on vaccination

I hope this helps and feel free to post back if you have any questions. Do your research and go with what your heart says is right.

Warm regards,