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    Why did you start Baby Wearing?

    I am a keen babywearer. I love wearing my baby in a sling close to me during the day because it means:

    • I can make eye contact with my baby - this has been shown to aid social development
    • My baby feels confident because he is close to me
    • I have my hands free - which helps with looking after/chasing my toddler!
    • I can easily breastfeed my baby whilst I am walking about
    • My baby can have a nap whilst we are out and about

    There seem to be so many benefits to baby wearing, however, I feel I stumbled into this wonderful way of carrying my baby. It was never mentioned at any antenatal preparation, information or appointments I had. Myself and my husband simply decided to get a stretchy wrap like this for our baby because we lived in a flat with lots of steps at the time, and thought a pram may be difficult.

    How did you begin your baby wearing journey? Do you feel it should be recommended to families during pregnancy?

    Two and a half years down the line, and we are now a baby wearing family. We can often be seen with my husband carrying our toddler in the Mei Tai on his back and my 9 month old in my woven wrap. Unbeatable family fun!
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