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    If he's not eating the solid do I go to formula?


    My 7 month old has been eating solids for two months. I can't tell if he just does not like some of the food or is being stubborn, but he will eat a little then fuss as though he is full. However, if I give him a bottle, then pigs out as though he hasn't been fed at all.
    Is it just that he still prefers the formula since he's had it for so long?
    Do I just let him eat that instead but keep trying the solids?


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    Hi Kelli,

    There's a wonderful book called Baby Led Weaning which teaches you how to wean your baby from the breast (or bottle) to solid foods without offering baby food.

    The motto of Baby Led Weaning is "Food is for fun, until they are one." What this means is that babies will get the majority of their calories from breast milk or formula until they are one year old, and after that they start to gain more of their calories from solids and less from milk.

    My babies didn't show any interest in solids until they were about 8 months old, and even then, they preferred to mostly drink breast milk. I wasn't concerned at all, and after they turned a year, they seemed to take more interest in solids.

    Do a search on the forms for "baby led weaning" and you will find lots of good posts.

    All in all, I'd encourage you to enjoy this time with your baby, and just let food be for fun right now. That may mean that there will be days when baby doesn't play with food at all, and days when baby does (if you have time or want to occupy him in the high chair). Baby will learn about different textures and flavors if you offer food at this age - but if you choose not to, then baby will learn about these things later.

    I personally find that many parents are so very eager to feed their babies solids, but it can often be in the child and parent's best interest to just be very relaxed about it. It sounds to me that your son really prefers his milk, and so I would just offer the bottle for now, and maybe try solids again in a month or two. I had one child that wasn't interested in solids at all until she was a year, and another child who was interested at 6 months.

    Here's a video showing you a 9 month old eating the "baby led weaning" way. You'll notice how much more coordinated she is at 9 months as compared to a 7 month old.

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    Thank you for the info.

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