Many of us on this forum follow Baby Led Weaning. The general principle here is to simply let your baby feed themselves. The baby led weaning mantra is 'food is for fun until they are one'. It involves offering your baby solid food to explore, play with and eat from 6 months of age providing your baby is developmentally ready (e.g. sitting up unaided and reaching out for food). With baby led weaning, a baby should not be hungry when they are offered the food (indeed, at this age babies rarely associate solid food with relieving hunger) but should have already had their milk (ideally breastmilk) and be content (not tired).

We would love to hear your experiences with baby led weaning. How did your baby get on with eating solid food? What food did they particularly enjoy eating? Did you have any difficulties following baby led weaning?

My experiences have been very positive with baby led weaning. I started offering both my boys solid food at 6 months of age (they were ready - grabbing for the food on my plate!). They both seem to have particularly enjoyed steamed chicken and fruit like mango, pears, banana and apple as well as steamed vegetable fingers. My youngest son is currently 10 months old and particularly enjoys tomatoes, avocado and pasta. Baby led weaning is very messy - but if you can deal with that (we put plastic mats on the floor and eat outside whenever possible) then I think it is a great way for children to start a lifetime of healthy, happy eating.

I look forward to reading your experiences with baby led weaning.