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    Hi. I'm a single mum. I'm in a dilemma, if I should have the father be involved. I don't want him to do anything with me. But I also feel like I'm depriving my boy. My little boy is 2 years old now. So far my boy is doing good. But when he asks for his dad, I don't know what to tell him.

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    Hi Nutz,

    Welcome to the forum! I look forward to sharing our parenting stories on here.

    I'm happy to read that your son is doing well. I also have a two year old boy - he is full of energy and absolutely wonderful.

    Many studies have shown that children do better in all areas of their life when they know, and feel loved by, both parents. I say this without belittling the fantastic, and hard, work single parents do. Studies released in May this year now show that children who are parented by both of their parents develop more brain cells.

    The long term emotional benefits to a child having a relationship with both their mum and their dad are huge. I understand that it is difficult when you are not on good terms with your son's father. However, I have a number of single mum friends who are able to put these difficult, painful feeling aside for the sake of their children having a good relationship with their dad.

    What does your son's father feel?

    Would you able to able to explain using your son's toys that his dad loves him even though he does not live with him anymore?

    Try not to feel guilty. I know that is easier said than done but you are doing a great job as a single mum. Are there any support groups for single parents near you? These can provide invaluable additional support as well as friendship.

    Best wishes,


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