Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Hi my name is Danielle and Iím currently studying postgraduate midwifery at Deakin University. I am already a registered nurse and am currently practicing midwifery at Monash Health.

I am desperately seeking pregnant women anywhere in Melbourne to partake in a continuity of care experience, allowing me to follow them throughout their pregnancy, attending antenatal visits, their birth if they feel comfortable, and postnatal care. A minimum of 10 hours is required to be spent with each woman throughout the program.

I am located in Dingley (South-East Suburbs) but am willing to travel ANYWHERE!

My role is that of support person, being there to assist you in whatever way I can, whether this be seeking and providing education, emotional support, or even a cup of tea if you so desire . I do not replace the womanís birthing partner, and am there to learn from your individual experience. Information is strictly confidential and you may withdraw at any time.
Iím passionate about Midwifery and my down to earth nature and ability to relate to individuals is my strong point. I realise that having a stranger accompany you during an emotion filled time such as pregnancy, can seem daunting. But if you allow me to take part in your pregnancy journey I can assure you, I will do all that I can to assist you and make you feel comfortable. You will be happy to communicate openly with me in no time!

If interested or wanting any further info, please email me at I will check this post frequently and will reply promptly.

Thanks, Danielle