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    What do you love about tandem breastfeeding?

    Tandem breastfeeding - breastfeeding two children at once - is another road that many of us happily travel on our breastfeeding journeys. It can be a time of immense bonding - not just between new baby and mum but also between toddler (the newly named 'big' brother or sister) and mum as well as baby and toddler. What are your experiences of tandem feeding? What have you loved abut feeding your children together?

    Here are some reasons to treasure tandem feeding to get us started:

    • The awesome way your body adapts and provides for your new baby alongside your toddler.
    • Moments of quiet in a house of noise and activity.
    • A time for cuddles with everyone.
    • Your toddler feels cherished and safe with the change of having a new sibling.
    • It can help to reduce sibling rivalry - mum is comforting, and feeding, both children together.

    It would be great to hear the experiences of other mums who have/are tandem feeding.

    In the words of my 2.5 year old son speaking of me tandem feeding himself and his 9 month old brother 'two milks, two boys'! I couldn't put it better myself!
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