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    I need tips regarding hiccups

    My baby usually hiccups after he is fed with milk. He doesn't like to drink water so I let him drink milk again.

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    Are you breastfeeding your baby, formula feeding or mixed feeding (this is some formula feeding and some breastfeeding)? The benefits of breastfeeding are huge for baby and mum and the latest research now shows that breastmilk contains stem cells; an amazing and unique type of cell that are able to self-renew and help to explain some of breastmilk's ability to heal and aid brain development.

    However, although breastmilk is often known as 'Nature's Perfect Milk' it can take a while to establish a good breastfeeding relationship between mum and baby. In particular, it is very important that the 'latch' is correct. A good latch will mean you can feed comfortably and that your baby is able to get enough breastmilk which leads to a good supply of breastmilk.

    You mention water in your post. Actually babies don't need water for at least the first six months of life. It is recommended that your baby only has milk (ideally breastmilk, if not then formula milk will still give them all the nutrients they need) for the first six months of life. If you are breastfeeding, then it is best to 'feed on demand' (i.e. whenever the baby wants milk) day and night.

    Hiccups are very common in babies. I think you are doing the right thing to let him have some more milk to help the hiccups to go. Sometimes if your baby is a bit cold they can get hiccups. Your baby's room temperature should be around 18 degrees C.

    If the hiccups are not accompanied by any other symptoms then they are nothing to be concerned about. You may find that feeding your baby in a more upright position helps to reduce them.

    Warm wishes,


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