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Thread: Work after birth

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    Work after birth

    Hello everyone. After giving birth to my 1st baby, is a 2-month rest well enough for me to go to work?

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    I would say that every mum and baby is different so it is hard to say what amount of time is enough. It also depends on your type of work. Will you be leaving your house (and so your baby) to work? Generally speaking, 2 months is quite a short period of maternity leave - although I know many parents do not have the luxury of having an extended time off work due to financial obligations.

    In Australia, paid maternity leave is given for at least 4 months and this rises to 9 months in the UK. However, the US still has no mandatory paid maternity leave.

    If it is possible for mums to have a good break from work after giving birth, then this can help with breastfeeding and establishing a good attachment with her baby. Of course, these things can still be achieved will less maternity leave they are just easier if mum has more of a break.

    Personally speaking, I think 6 months should be the minimum amount of mandatory maternity leave mums are given.

    However, 2-4 months may be enough time for you depending on what your work situation is and on your baby. Are you able to spend a bit longer deciding how much time to have off from work given you have very recently given birth?

    Best wishes and congratulations again,


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