The 1st-7th of August was this year's World Breastfeeding Week. We would love to know how this was celebrated around the world. Did your breastfeeding support group, health centre or friends do anything special to celebrate breastfeeding?

We have been hearing about mum's and health professional uniting to raise breastfeeding awareness and share the benefits of breastfeeding around the world including:

- A special video made by Unicef on dedicated breastfeeding rooms with the aim to raise China's breastfeeding rates.

- In Australia, the focus was on Peer Support Schemes - these are seen as key in aiding continued breastfeeding in the medium to long term. There have also been parties and an event called 'The Big Latch On' all to raise awareness of how super breastmilk is.

- There were breastfeeding 'big feeds' in the UK - as many breastfeeding mums as possible have been gathering to feed their babies together with the aim to normalise breastfeeding in public.

- In Cape Town awareness has been raised of a 'breastmilk bank' which gives the best possible start to premature babies. Breastfeeding mums are being encouraged to donate breastmilk if/when they are able to.

Please share how you celebrated World Breastfeeding Week here.

How important do you feel this week is? Did peer support benefit you in your breastfeeding journey?

We look forward to hearing your stories.