Have you seen the news reports today about the biggest baby born naturally ever to have been recorded in Spain?

What are your feelings about this story?

I find it unhelpful that the media seems to have focused on the idea that the 'mum didn't even ask for an epidural' and that this is surprising in the media's eyes. My feeling is that this form of reporting adds to fear about labour. It also reinforces the unhelpful view that a bigger baby needs to be born using medical intervention.

Little by little, we read one-sided views in the media surrounding childbirth; opinions are presented as facts and not backed up with statistics. As women, we start to absorb the view that childbirth should be excruciatingly painful and an ordeal to be endured.

I believe this caused my first birth to be long and traumatic as I tensed up, resisting each contraction, in a state of fear. Before my second birth I re-learnt about birth and how our bodies are created to give birth. Natural births are possible in all but the minority of cases. Labour is hard work and can be very intense but it can also be an empowering and positive experience.

I hope the mother of this 'big baby' experienced this in labour - it sounds like she did a great job. I hope the baby is healthy; I know this is an unusual case and very big baby's can be due to gestational diabetes or maternal obesity.

I look forward to reading others' thoughts on this.

Warm wishes,