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    Exclamation positive PT but not pregnant, do i have cancer?

    I have a positive pregnancy test but i am not pregnant.
    I have read one post from facebook that a positive pregnancy test to a menopausal mother is a sign of cancer but i am not menopausal yet. I am so worried about it. I will be consulting my OB Gyne by nextweek but i just want to ask details from you still.

    Please help. Thanks!

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    I'm sorry to read about your concerns.

    It is very rare to have a truly false positive pregnancy test. Firstly, I would like to ask if there is any chance you could actually be pregnant?

    Secondly, are you certain you read the pregnancy test correctly and followed the test according to the manufacturers instructions? It is important to only read the test in the time period specified in the instructions (e.g. 3 minutes) and you should use a stopwatch to time this to be sure you have not left too much time. If you read/interpret the pregnancy test after this time period then the results may not be accurate. The pregnancy test should also not have gone passed its expiry date or it could also be inaccurate.

    Another way a pregnancy test could be misinterpreted is if the evaporation line is incorrectly read as the test line.

    Very occasionally a pregnancy test can be faulty.

    I would take another pregnancy test and be extra careful to follow all the manufacturer guidelines both for the testing phase and the interpretation.

    Are you on any medication? There are a few types of medication that can cause a false positive on a pregnancy test (such as Methadone). Are you on, or have you been on, any types of fertility treatment? These can sometimes cause a false positive.

    Extremely occasionally a rare medical condition such as a certain type of tumour can cause a false positive, however, I would like to emphasise that it is very rare. Most false positives are due to the reasons discussed above. Your doctor will be able to perform a blood test to check for pregnancy which is even more accurate.

    Do you think any of the above possibilities apply to you?

    Best wishes,


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    How are you allaboutme1028? How did your OB Gyne appointment go?

    Warm wishes,


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