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Thread: Postpartum cycle while breastfeeding?

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    Postpartum cycle while breastfeeding?

    Is it normal to have an irregular cycle after your first postpartum period? If so, how long until it becomes regular? Thanks!

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    Yes this is considered normal. In fact, lactation consultant Becky Flora says that 'Almost anything is considered normal when it comes to your periods while breastfeeding'. This is because breastfeeding often has an affect on your fertility levels, however, once your periods return (even if they are irregular) you should consider yourself fertile (and able to get pregnant).

    It is difficult to predict when your cycles will become regular again when you are breastfeeding. For some mums, their cycles will not become regular until their child stops breastfeeding. However, more commonly it takes around 3 months for your cycles to become more regular. This is more likely if they were regular and predictable before pregnancy.

    Interestingly, your cycles are more likely to take longer to return to a regular pattern if you practice ecological breastfeeding. This is where you breastfeed when your child asks for it and co-sleep and babywear too.

    There is some further information here about periods and breastfeeding.

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