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    Has anybody used the hypnobirthing method? How was your experience? If you have used other birthing methods how was hynobirthing in comparison as far as pain control?

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    Yes - I used hypnobirthing in my last birth. You can read my birth story here!

    I wanted to try hypnobirthing after a previous traumatic birth experience where I had used gas and air and pethidine (which I personally did not like; it made me hallucinate and feel out of control). We also had a doula with my most recent birth to give me and my husband extra support and to empower me to make the choices I wanted to on the big day.

    As you can read from my birth story, it was an extremely positive experience. I felt the Rainbow Relaxation Script (this is a script you can listen to where you are taught to relax different parts of your body in turn) was very helpful in helping me to stay calm and to let the surges come and breathe through them, rather than resisting them. I feel the breathing techniques helped me to have a quicker, smoother labour. At times it was still intense and hard work but I felt empowered and I was not scared.

    This is in stark contrast to my first labour where, despite wanting a natural labour and attending antenatal classes, I felt scared and helpless.

    I believe hynobirthing and a doula can help every woman, no matter what sort of labour you want or have.

    What are your thoughts about hynobirthing, Courtney?

    Best wishes,


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