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    Criteria when looking for a midwife

    What are some questions to ask or things to look for when trying to find a midwife?

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    This is an important question for pregnant women to consider - thank you for posting it here.

    I would say that it is important to have a midwife who understands and respects your birth wishes, whatever they may be. A midwife who will help to empower you to have the birth you want. A midwife who informs you of your choices and then stands back, giving you time to process the information and make decisions yourself. A midwife who understands and acknowledges that childbirth is a beautiful thing and a key moment in a woman's life.

    If you want to have an Active Birth then you will want a midwife who is experienced in supporting women with this.

    I would also want to know how experienced my midwife was and what her particular specialty/ interests was/were.

    I look forward to reading the experiences of others on this topic. I will also ask our midwife Jane for her views on your post.

    Best wishes,


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    It is really important to choose your midwife carefully and make sure they are a fit for you. When I see women often they come with a long list of questions which include things such as how long have I been a midwife, how many births have I attended, what is my philosophy on birth, what are my intervention rates.

    Homebirth Access Sydney have put together a Guide to Choosing Your Midwife. You can download it off this page You'll need to scroll right down the bottom of the page to find the document.

    I hope this helps
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