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    Bedtime War with my Preschooler

    hi everyone!

    I've been battling with my daughter during bedtime. I tried explaining to her the importance of having enough sleep yet I'm still in vain.

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    I see from your other posts that your daughter is 5 years old. Has this recently become a problem or have bedtimes always been difficult?

    Firstly, I would try not to make it a battle. I know this is easier to say than do; but if bedtime becomes a place to 'fight out wills' then it will not be a time for winding down and going to bed happily. To do this, you could start preparing your daughter that she will need to go to bed soon 1 hr and a half before bedtime. I would try to keep to a good bedtime routine each day; consistency is a good way for a child to learn that it is time for bed and it will also help her to sleep well each night.

    So, an hour and a half before bed your daughter could have some supper (porridge or a milky drink) and perhaps you could read a story together. I would limit TV and computer games during this time as they will be overly stimulating. Instead, have special time spent mother to daughter that she can look forward to. Keep the time relaxed and focus on 'winding down activities'. You might like to have some relaxing music to play during this time each day and to talk about the fun things you have done that day.

    A bath is always good for getting children ready for bed. Lavender oil in the bath is known for its relaxing and calming effect. In terms of the bedroom, many children cannot sleep with light coming in from the outside: blackout blinds are excellent for helping with this.

    Sometimes preschoolers cannot sleep at nighttime because they have not had enough exercise during the day. Do you feel that your daughter is busy and active in the day?

    I look forward to hearing back from you and hope that some of these suggestions help.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi LJ,

    Thanks for your wonderful tips, i would definitely try it and will update you with a feedback soonest.

    Thanks again.


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