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    Older woman wanting to start a family

    I am in my late thirties and have begun to experience missed periods. How would that impact my ability to conceive naturally within the next two years or so?

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    Could you describe in a little more detail about the 'missed periods' please? Was your cycle regular before this? How often do you miss a period? Are any other factors involved such as illness or stress (these can also cause a woman to miss a period)?

    These previous forum threads have got lots of useful information in them about conceiving in your late thirties/ forties: here and here.

    If you are aged 35-39 you have just over a 50% chance of getting pregnant. However, a woman who has a more irregular cycle/ missed periods may find it harder to conceive. More irregular periods generally means ovulation is more irregular too.

    However, saying all this most couples who try to conceive in their late 30s will become pregnant - although it can take a year or even longer to do so.

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