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    How can the Spouse help with Conception After Reversal

    Is there anyway the Spouse can contribute when trying to have a Bub after Tubal Reversal?

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    Is there anyway the Spouse can contribute when trying to have a Bub after Tubal Reversal?
    With the Tubal Reversal what type of precautions the spouse can take for a successful conception?

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    Thank you for your question. Many women go on to successfully conceive after a tubal reversal. However, it can take longer because of the tubal reversal.

    Please can I ask how long you have been trying to conceive since the tubal reversal? Have your partner's fertility levels ever been checked?

    A healthy diet is important for both men and women when you are trying to conceive. In particularly, food which is rich in folic acid improves the quality of a man's food. Folic acid is found naturally in: orange juice, cereals and leafy greens. It can also be taken in a supplement form. Eating enough foods containing Zinc (such as eggs, wholegrain cereals and meat) also helps with sperm quality. A man who is overweight is more likely to have poor quality sperm.

    It is also best for your partner to avoid alcohol (or drink only a few units a week) and avoid smoking. Again, both of these can affect the quality of the sperm and a man's sperm count.

    It is important for both you and your partner to eliminate as much stress as possible from your lives when trying for a baby. Stress can have an impact on a man's sperm.

    You should try to have sex at least every other day when you are trying to conceive. The missionary position is good position to use when you are trying for a baby.

    I am not aware of any additional changes your partner can make specifically related to trying to conceive after your tubal reversal.

    I wish you all the best,


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