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    My very close friend has suffered with menorrhagia for most of her adult life. She is now in her mid thirties. Is that a complication that she needs to be worried about now that she is wanting to conceive? What advice can I give her?

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    I am sorry that your friend suffers from very heavy periods.

    The good news is that, in the majority of cases, menorrhagia does not mean that there are any underlying physical problems and so does not affect most women's ability to conceive.

    However, in some cases it is a sign of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). This can result in ovulation not occurring which is why PCOS can cause problems with conceiving. PCOS is more likely in women who are overweight. In these cases, losing weight can help a woman to conceive. Other women who have PCOS are often prescribed medication to induce ovulation. There is a previous thread with more information on PCOS here. I would advise your friend having tests for PCOS if she is having problems conceiving in light of her menorrhagia.

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    Hi Jess100

    Another possible cause of heavy periods is endometriosis. I suffered from menorrhagia in my teenage years until it was suppressed by contraceptive pills. I suffer from endometriosis. No longer taking the pill my menorrhagia has returned.

    Has your friend been to a gynecologist to discuss her menorrhagia? This would be an important thing to do, both for her ongoing health and wellbeing, and to determine if any barriers to conception or sustained pregnancy exist.

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