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Thread: Complications in being pregnant with twins

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    Complications in being pregnant with twins

    Hello members,

    My friend is expecting twins. The doctor has confirmed that everything is fine and normal but she is afraid because she has seen many cases that gets complicated as time goes by. She is most concerned about the weights of the babies. Her sister also had twins and one baby was very weak and she had to make lots of efforts to keep him fine. The baby kept ill for a long period. Is there anything that can be done with twin pregnancy that helps in maintaining the health of both the babies?


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    Hi Vinni,

    I have a friend who had 5 children under the age of 5. Her first pregnancy was a singleton, and the next two pregnancies were twins... and all children were born within 4 years. Growing and nurturing that many children in a woman's body, within a short period of time, can be very taxing on the body because babies will take nutrients from mum's bones, teeth and other parts of the body, if there aren't enough nutrients available for the babies through mum's diet.

    I would like to encourage your sister by saying that even though my friend had two sets of twins, back to back, all four of those babies were a good weight and very healthy. They were born a little early, which is very normal for twins, but the babies came home within 3 days or less of being born.

    I would encourage your sister to eat a diet that has high quality protein, like chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, and fish that is not high in mercury content. Eggs and nuts are also high quality protein, but one of my favorite sources of protein are dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, Romain Lettuce, Swiss Chard and the like. Though many people don't recognize that dark green leafy vegetables are high in protein, they actually are and I would encourage your sister to get 2 to 3 heads of dark leafy greens into her diet every day. This will be SO good for the babies. The chlorophyll in the greens will act as gentle detoxification which means that mum will have more energy, less morning sickness, and will most likely experience an easier birth and recovery.

    It's really hard to eat 2-3 heads of lettuce a day, especially if you're trying to eat salads. But one of the best ways to get the greens into your body is to add them to smoothies, or, better yet, to juice them. I can easily juice a head of kale, with some apples and a little lemon, and drink that throughout the morning. Then make a couple of smoothies in the afternoon and add greens to that and then have a salad for dinner, and I've got my 2 heads of greens into my body.

    If you don't have access to fresh greens, then a good alternative is dehydrated, powdered greens like organic barley grass.

    Here are a couple of videos showing you how to make a green smoothie with greens, and another showing you how to make a smoothie with added supplements.

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    Hi Kate,

    You always come up wit great solutions and information. Thanks

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