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Thread: I think I have a child with ADHD.

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    I think I have a child with ADHD.

    Hi! I hope you could help me. My son is now five years old and already in preschool. He is the only child in his class that couldn't talk properly like kids his age. His teacher can't understand him most of the time. He also is the only kid in class that is very, very energetic and always wander around in classroom. Is there any brand or kind of milk or supplement that contains specific vitamins or nutrients that could help develop my child's speaking ability? By the way, I always talk to him at home and in everywhere we go and he actually is talkative, it's just that someone who's listening can barely understand.

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    Dear chawiarashi,

    I'm sorry to hear about your concerns with your son's speech and behaviour.

    I have considerable experience of working with children who have a speech and language delay as I am also a qualified Audiologist. In light of what you have described, I would recommend that you see a speech and language therapist (in most countries your doctor can refer you to this professional) in order to have your son's speech assessed. It would also be wise to have his hearing checked. Even temporary fluctuations in hearing (for example, caused by glue ear - a common childhood condition) can cause significant speech and language problems and so significant problems for children at preschool or school.

    By five years of age, the normal speech and language milestones include:
    - being able to say most sounds correctly
    - being able to tell a story that stays 'on topic'
    - be understood easily by other children and adults
    - can say rhyming words

    In terms of your concerns about ADHD, this previous thread has more information about ADHD. A balanced, healthy diet can help to control ADHD. You should also keep sugar and caffeine to an absolute minimum.

    Please do post back and let me know what you think so that we can support your further.

    Warm wishes,


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