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    Thumb Sucking...needed help

    Can anyone give some advice on the best way to get a five year old girl to stop sucking her thumb?

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    I would advise taking a gentle approach with this, as your daughter (I'm assuming the girl you write about is your daughter?) probably associates comfort with the thumb sucking.

    Please could you tell us how often she sucks her thumb and when she sucks her thumb? This will help to determine the best steps to take. Thumb sucking is best stopped before a child's adult teeth come in as it can affect the alignment of the adult teeth.

    Have you talked to your daughter about why she sucks her thumb?

    If she sucks her thumb in the day time you could give her lots of fun craft activities to do (such as jewelry making or plaster cast making and painting) in order to keep both of her hands busy so that she is less likely to even think about sucking her thumb.

    If she sucks her thumb when she feels frightened (e.g. when she is in a new situation) then perhaps you could talk through how she is feeling or she could draw a picture to explain how she is feeling. Reassurance and talking about ways to make the situation less scary to her could go a long way here.

    I really like the thumbuddy toys and resources which use a toy to remind a child not to suck their thumb, in a fun way. There are a number of other gentle books available to read through and discuss with your child. Using thumbuddy (or a similar toy adapted at home) is a good way to help a child stop sucking their thumb at night time.

    I hope some of these suggestions help - let us know what you think.

    Best wishes,


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    Thumb sucking is the worst thing i have seen in kids i don't like this at all, thanks for your advice i hope your advices are really effective.

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    Thumb sucking is not unusual for many young children - they may just need some gentle encouragement to help them to stop when you feel the time is right. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

    How are you getting on 1sttimemom86?

    Warm wishes,


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