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    My daughter loves make-up!!!

    My 5yr. old daughter is somewhat fond of make-ups. Whenever we go outside she will not go out if she will not wear a lipstick and a blush which i don't know if i have to worry about it. I know make-ups contains some chemicals that usually not advisable for the skin especially to the younger ones my only problem now is how can i avoid it to happen if my daughter is not willing to stop using it i tried hiding all those make-ups that i used but we end up fighting.

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    Thank you for your question.

    I would say this is very common and normal for a 5 year old girl. She is probably copying her friends and enjoying playing make believe and pretending to be a grown up.

    I would try not to make a big deal out of it and let her have fun exploring and experimenting.

    However, with regards to the chemical content it would be best if she could use makeup made from natural ingredients: here is just one example of natural makeup you can buy.

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    Hi 1sttimemom86

    I am an early childhood educator. My daughter went through this faze too from about 5 years old for a couple of years. The more of a fuss you make the more likely your daughter will be to dig in her heels on the makeup issue.

    I assume that since you have makeup in the house, you wear it yourself. Keep in mind that as well as playing with being an adult, as LJ suggests, your daughter is emulating you. This is a wonderful thing for many reasons dissociated with makeup. She looks up to you and wants to be like you!

    Don't make a fight out of it. If your daughter would like to wear a little makeup when she goes out, let her. But at the same time become her 'Makeup Adviser.' Offer her only good quality and/or natural makeup. You might even make up a little sponge bag for her with a lipstick, a blush and a little eye shadow. Choose neutral/soft colours and talk to your daughter about applying only a little (versus a lot). Set some makeup wearing rules such as no makeup for school/daycare and work with the carers/teachers to enforce these rules.

    This might sound like encouraging the wearing of makeup but what you are really trying to do is to open a healthy dialogue about it... and also to ensure that your 5 year old is not leaving the house in bright red lipstick! When the fight is gone this can become something nice you do together.

    More than likely the novelty will wear off over time. If it doesn't, is there really any harm in a little lipstick and blush now and then when going somewhere nice? Probably not.

    My daughter is now approaching 9 and she rarely asks to wear makeup. She still has the little sponge bag I gave her and every now and then for birthday or Christmas I buy her a little bottle of nail polish or a nice soft pink lip gloss to add to it. It rarely gets used but she feels respected by the gesture and when she does use it, it is sparingly.

    As your daughter grows there will be many opportunities for you to come to loggerheads about issues of increasing importance. Laying the foundation now for respectful communication and compromise will go a long way to helping you to work through those bigger issues in the future.
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    You can buy her some makeup that is especially made for kids. There are some stores that are selling natural and safe makeup. Some makeups contain harmful chemicals that can cause skin problems. Your daughter is very young to have these problems so make sure to buy her some natural and organic makeup that she can use it is better if you use natural makeup too.

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    Yes I agree you do want to take care of her delicate skin so natural, safe make-up is the way to go.


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