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    How to have a fruitful conception?

    Hi, I have a question regarding this matter.

    I'm in a long distance relationship with my partner and we're planning to have a baby once he will visit me. He will only stay here for a couple of weeks or less, then we might not be able to see each other for another 2-3 years again, because of studies and work. My question is:

    Is there any ways on how to have a fruitful or effective conception with your partner by the way?

    I am looking forward for your response.



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    Most couples take on average 6 months to conceive if they are having sex regularly. It may be quite difficult to conceive if you are unable to see your partner for much time when you are trying to conceive, in particular, a woman is fertile for only around 3 days every month. If your partner came to stay and you had sex every day for 2-3 weeks but missed these 3 fertile days then you would be unable to become pregnant. Also, just because you have sex on the fertile days does not mean you will become pregnant that month - I'm afraid it can just take some time.

    Ovulation tends to occur between days 13-19 of a regular 28 day cycle.

    In light of all this, I think it would be wise if you planned carefully when your partner is coming to see you. Then have sex every day of his visit. Of course, if you were able to see your partner much more regularly then this would be best; in my opinion both in terms of conceiving and starting a family.

    One of our forum moderator's Kate has written an excellent post here about changes in your cervical mucous which can help to predict ovulation. She writes that:

    'The day before and the day of ovulation, your cervical mucus will be clear and wet and it will have the consistency of egg white. You will be able to pick it up and stretch it between your thumb and fore finger and it may not break even if you stretch it 6 inches. This is when you are at your peak of fertility and sex at this time gives you the best chance of conception.'

    If you are planning to get pregnant soon then it is a good idea to do some preconception care and to begin your Folic Acid supplements.

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes,

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