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    Did you colour your hair during pregnancy?

    Although I am no longer pregnant, I often hear this question come up often. Many mums wonder if they can continue colouring their hair during pregnancy, and I have seen many women with opinions on both sides of this issue. I do use hair dye and I do enjoy colouring my hair, but I do not do it very often. I have not coloured my hair during pregnancy. For me, it was just something that there is not enough research on and there was too much uncertainty. I think this article on hair dye is excellent, and it provides a lot of information for mums who want to colour their hair during pregnancy.

    Do you colour your hair? Did you continue colouring your hair during pregnancy?

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    I did not colour my hair during my first pregnancy because I was terrified. I did colour it during subsequent pregnancies but not as frequently as I would have while not pregnant.

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    I did not colour my hair during any of my pregnancies, but I did have a permanent (straight to curly) when I was pregnant with my second child. Had I known then, what I do now, I would not have done that. The article on hair dye is very good and explains that toxins are absorbed through the skin (even the scalp). I encourage moms NOT to dye or perm their hair when they are trying to conceive or during pregnancy. And I also encourage them to limit their exposure to nail polish, nail polish remover, etc. One way to do this is by taking the first appointment of the day when you go to get your hair cut.

    In general, it's just a good idea to avoid as many toxins as possible during preconception and pregnancy.

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    I didn't colour my hair during pregnancy because I didn't want to take any chances. I actually started going darker - closer to bmy natural colour - while we were TTC so I wouldn't have four inches or more of root grow out My hairdresser said it was fine but I wasn't going to risk it.

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    Honestly, reading the title of the post makes me a bit sad and makes me think back of the time when I was still 5mos pregnant. Yes i colored my hair, for one reason because I just wanted to have a new hair color. But I thought about it many times. What really triggered me to color my hair was the gift certificate I received which was about to expire already during that month, like 2 more days. So I decided to color my hair. And I've read articles too which suggested that hair coloring may be done after the first trimester, which is the very critical period during pregnancy. And thank God I gave birth to a normal baby boy. :-)

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