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    Did you change your diet during pregnancy?

    I was just reading this article on organic foods during pregnancy, and it made me wonder if other mums changed their diet during pregnancy. The article mentions a study that found organic foods have a higher nutritional content than conventional produce. I admit, during my first pregnancy, I was not aware of the benefits of organic produce. I also was unaware of the dangers of conventional foods, such as meats that come from cattle that have been given hormone injections. Although hormone injections have been said to be safe, it still makes me wonder if there are certain additives in conventional foods that could be harmful. Over the last few years, I have learned more about the benefits of switching to organic foods, which has made me reconsider some of the choices I make when I cook food for my family. I have not switched to a completely organic diet, but I am learning more about it, which makes me curious if other mums only use organic foods. The article I mentioned also has some great recipes in it, which I may give a try.

    Did you switch your diet to organic foods during pregnancy?

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    Oh yes I had to my husband was and is on my case about that. I am having another boy in March and if I eat out of line haha I am in trouble. He let's me eat certain things sometimes, but I am a healthy eater anyway, but there are times when I want to have certain things that I try not to have because I am pregnant. He does understand the cravings and stuff like that so I am good at times. I went back to a certain drink because soda is bad for the baby, but it is my biggest craving and addiction.

    No, no organic foods at this moment I kinda get sick from it actually.

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    Fresh food

    My sense of taste and smell have really dictated what I have been able to eat. I have the smelling ability of a super hero and my taste buds are going pyscho (I brush my teeth a few times a day to get rid of taste). I have stuck to fresh fruit and vegies (not organic). The thought of eating take away, strong food smells and unpleasant taste in my mouth are making me sick at the moment, can hardly wait till this morning sickness thing goes away as it is really getting me down. The upside of this weird behaviour is that I am eating very well (not much difference from normal diet) and falling for bad food cravings.
    I also have a bit of addiction for fruit ice blocks - seems to quench my thirst and is refreshing.

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    Hi Chica - Taste and smell does can alter dramatically in pregnancy. Foods or drinks that once were favourites cannot be tolerated. The smell of cooking food can be a real turn off for some women. It does feel a whole lot better once the morning sickness phase passes (which for most women is around 13 to 14 weeks).
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    Jessica ~ I did change my diet and tried to stay away from processed foods and was just more conscious about what I was putting into my body. I didn't eat purely organic. However, once my boys were able to eat solids I only fed them organic items and made all of their baby food. We don't eat strictly organic but do buy certain foods like bananas that are.

    Chica ~ I totally remember feeling like I had a super sniffer too Certain foods I loved, all of a sudden smelled repulsive. I remember a co-worker of mine wore perfume that I usually found pleasant enough but when I was pregnant it smelled like she bathed in it and I would get a headache. I found it quite strange at the time but later learned that it is quite common as Jane mentioned. It sounds like you are eating well despite your morning sickness. I hope it goes away for you soon! How far along are you?

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    With each of my children I've made less radical changes to my diet, but I think my everyday non-pregnant life has improved quite a bit since I got pregnant the first time.

    In general, I eat more fresh foods, organic when available and I avoid caffeine and sugar. I also greatly increase my intake of both water and health protein.

    Chica- My sense of smell has always been incredibly strong during pregnancy. I was fortunate to not have morning sickness, but I definitely had the smell/taste changes.

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