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    Did you notice changes with each pregnancy?

    I was just reading this article about having babies the second time around. The section regarding pregnancy the second time around was interesting. I found that I did feel my baby's movements earlier in my second pregnancy than I did with my first. I also did have nausea each time I was pregnant, and it did seem to vary in intensity. I also think I looked pregnant sooner with my second pregnancy than I did with my first.

    Did you notice any changes between your first and second pregnancy?

    If you have more than two children, were there other differences in how you felt or what you experienced with each pregnancy?

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    Yes I did as well, I felt my baby move early and that is because we know what to actually look for after we has our first one. I also was able to know when and where he was. I have not had him yet, but there are a lot of things that I find easier and better, except the bending down to pick up things part lol. I tell you I think that I am a little bigger than I was with my first son.

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    I also noticed my baby moving earlier the second time around. I found the nausea much worse and I had a lot more discomfort. However I loved being pregnant and felt a lot more confident. I think this was due to knowing what to expect.
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    each of my pregnancies have been very similiar. i did feel bubs moving earlier, but i think it's because i knew what to expect. i also popped out a lot sooner with each of my babies. i am 15wks at the moment but look much further along. i joke that its because nothing is a tight as it should be after 8 i have found late pregnancy easier the more i have as i know bubs will come when its good & ready no matter how much you try to speed things up.

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