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    Babywearing Research Shows Bonding Benefits

    As a babywearing mum (mum who carries her baby in a sling for a significant time each day) I am often asked about the reasons behind babywearing. Most mums who have carried their babies will soon be able to tell you how babywearing can:

    • reduce crying
    • aid bonding
    • increase eye contact and so increase a baby's security and confidence
    • be a comfortable way of keeping your baby close to you during the day
    • help a baby to fall asleep contently

    I have now come across an excellent summary of research surrounding the benefits of babywearing entitled Hold Me Close: Encouraging Essential Mother/Baby Physical Contact. This is well worth a read by babywearers and interested babywearers alike as it backs up many of the advantages of babywearing that mums naturally find. For example:

    'Simple holding, without the skin-to-skin contact, was found to reduce crying, and the provisions of soft carriers led to mothers who were more responsive to their babies and to babies who were more securely attached.'

    What a wonderful way for a parent and new baby to bond and spend time together.

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    Yes I am agree ,,but baby wearing is not easy for most mothers. It's a full of tiedy work. However, I want just say that accessories for carrying baby can make it easy.

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    Why do you feel babywearing is not easy Abbey? I would have to say that I disagree as there are so many slings out there from 'full buckles' (with a clip for the waist and the shoulder straps) to woven wraps (a long woven piece of fabric which you 'wrap' your baby into). Of course, some of these slings take more practice but it doesn't need to take long to start babywearing.

    With a newborn baby, I would highly recommend a stretchy wrap (such as the Karime or Moby) which is easy to learn to use, comfortable and you can even breastfeed in. Slings like these distribute the weight of your baby evenly around your body so are safe for both you and baby.

    I'd be interested to hear others' opinions on this.

    Best wishes,


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