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Thread: Trying to conceive after Tubal Ligation

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    Trying to conceive after Tubal Ligation


    My name is Natasha Wright. I have three boys, ages 8,9, and 12. The 9 year old and 12 year old are mine from another relationship and the 8 year old is from a previous relationship for my husband. After I had my 9 year old I decided that I wanted to have a tubal-ligation performed, I was young and I did not want anymore children.

    After getting married my Husband and I decided we wanted to have a baby but where do we start? My family think that I'm crazy for wanting to have another baby and at the age of 30 but this is something we both are adamant about.

    I look forward to speaking with other mums and see where they stand with trying to conceive after having Tubal-ligation, I want to have the procedure reversed and it would be good to know if there are others here that's in the same situation like me. I look forward to hearing from the forum participants.
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    Hi Natasha

    Welcome to the forum! Let me preface by saying I have changed the title of your post so that forum participants are more likely to respond to your question about tubal ligation.

    I have not had a tubal ligation but did want to comment on your family's thoughts on another baby at 30. I turned 40 5 days before my second baby was born. My family thought I was crazy too! However it is not their life it is mine, just as your life is yours.

    At 30, realistically you are a younger mother by today's standards. This would be your fourth child - that's certainly larger than the average family (at about 2 in Australia) but not overly so. If you and your husband feel passionate about having a child together then this is something you should pursue! To not do so is to pave the way for regrets later on.

    I can relate to your situation on another level. When my mother and father met, they each had children from prior marriages - my mother had a daughter and two sons and my father one of each. The decided they wanted a child that was theirs together.

    It took many years for them to conceive and my mother was 44 and my father 49 when I was born. Their family thought them nuts! However it was their wish and they pursued it... and I am the result!
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    Hi Natasha,

    I've known many mums who wanted another child after having a tubal ligation, especially after they re-marry. I would encourage you to start with your preconception care right away, so that when the reversal is done, you'll have the highest chance of conceiving right away.

    Another thing you'll want to learn is how to watch your fertility signs. Once the reversal is done and your hormones are balanced, you'll be able to get your baby making sex perfectly timed for conception, if you learn how to watch your body's personal signs of fertility.

    You can also sway the odds of conceiving a boy or a girl, if that's something you's like. I'm guessing you might want to try to have a girl, being that you have three boys already.

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    Hi Natasha,

    Welcome to the forum! Wow three boys - that's great.

    I agree with mumof2IVFmiracles - 30 isn't really considered old to try to conceive. Indeed, medically speaking it is only really mums who are aged 35 and older who may have more difficulties conceiving due to the quality and quantity of their eggs.

    It really depends on how the tubal ligation was performed as to how likely it is that you will conceive again after a reversal. Do you know how your tubal ligation was carried out? When you have it reversed the doctor should explain the chances of you conceiving based on the specific procedure that you had.

    Many women go on to successfully have another baby after a tubal ligation reversal. As Kate says, you can help your body with this by starting preconception care now as well as taking folic acid supplements. Interestingly, it's also important that your husband has enough folic acid in his diet.

    I wish you and your family all the best and I look forward to hearing about your experiences here on the forum.

    Best wishes,


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