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    Not getting pregnant


    Please i am married for 2years now and am not getting pregnant, we have been to hospitals and doctors but all in vain.
    My menses are irregular so doctor diagnose PCOS and they ask me to try prov era and cloderm but seems not working. Would be be grateful if this forum can advice me on how to get pregnant because its breaking my marriage please.

    Counting on you. thanks

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    Hi Page,

    My heart breaks reading your post - I'm so sorry for you.

    Would you be able to explain what fertility testing you have had?

    PCOS is one of the most frequent causes of infertility in women. It is this which causes a woman with PCOS to have irregular periods as it stops regular ovulation (some PCOS sufferers don't even have periods at all).

    What are your periods like at the moment? How long have you been on the medication?

    Please could I also ask how old you and your husband are. These extra questions will help us to support you better.

    I'm so sorry that you say this is breaking your marriage. I know that struggling with fertility problems can be extremely difficult and emotional and hard on both you and your husband. But it would be best if you could find a way to be united in your support with each other and to get through it together. You will need support and help to do this. Taking a marriage course can help - do you know of any centres or churches which offer one near you? If not, then The Marriage Book by Nicky and Sila Lee is excellent.

    Do you have friends and family who support you? Do they understand about what you are going through? Please know that it is not your fault that this is happening. I hope you are not feeling that.

    I know I have a lot of questions for you - but I really want our forum to be able to give you the very best support. Do you also have the other typical symptoms of PCOS, including:

    - increased hair growth, particularly on the face
    - acne
    - weight gain

    What is your current weight? If you are overweight, then even just being able to start to lose weight can really improve your fertility levels. When you have PCOS it can be difficult to control your weight and eating smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day can help. You should keep carbohydrates to a minimum. You also need to keep sugary and processed foods to a minimum. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. You need to add lots of wholegrain foods to your diet and high quality sources of protein. Have a look at this recent thread about PCOS and diet where Kate, our senior member, gives some really useful advice.

    The majority of PCOS sufferers are able to conceive when the condition is managed and they have fertility treatment if required. I hope that knowing this helps you. Some women with PCOS find that if they go on the pill for a period of time and then stop then they can conceive in the first cycle on coming off their pill because they ovulate at this time. You could talk to your doctor about this.

    This resource explains some more about the treatment options for women who have PCOS. Have you heard of 'ovarian drilling'? The research is showing this to be a very effective treatment option.

    I am thinking of you and I hope that this information is helpful for you.
    I look forward to reading your reply.
    Warm wishes,

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    Hi, sorry to hear that. All I can say is do not lose hope and good luck.

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    I'm so sorry to hear you are having trouble! I'll be wishing you luck, don't loose hope!

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    Hi,i am married since almost 6 years but not getting pregnant.We check up all the Gynaecologists but all in vain.Hello doctor can you help me??Or tell me any one solution of this problem..Thanks a lot

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