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    My baby is 11-month old and is a very active and happy baby. But I am concern with her not bearing weight on her legs and not gaining weight for few months now. She weighs 6.5kgs only, but she eats food well and I breastfeed her on demand. I raised this concern with her pedia but he is scheduling us for a specialist check-up after her first birthday. For her gross motor skills (not bearing weight on legs and still cannot sit on her own), we already consulted a developmental pedia and she is now seeing a physical therapist weekly.

    With these developmental delay, I somehow feel guilty as if I have done wrong or I have not done something. How can I cope with this guilt?

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    Though your daughter does show signs of development delay in that she is not sitting up at 11 months of age, the fact that she is in physical therapy twice a week shows that you are attending to her needs and that you love her very much.

    There are babies that are very petite so as long as your baby is continuing to gain weight and is drinking plenty of breastmilk you shouldn't have much concern there. I will say that breastmilk can be low quality, medium quality or high quality, depending upon a number of factors, but often it depends upon mum's diet and how well she digests her food.

    I'd encourage you to eat plenty of high quality fats like coconut oil, 1 avocado a day, butter from grass-fed or pastured cows, olive oil, flax seeds and other nuts and seeds.

    Reduce the amount of carbohydrates you eat and keep them to a minimum. This includes sugar, rice, pasta and all products made with white flour (biscuits, cookies, cakes, pies, etc.). Rather than drinking juice, eat whole, fresh fruit, and if you want juice, cut it with 50% water.

    Stay away from coffee and wine/alcohol if at all possible. These are not beneficial to you or your baby.

    Eat lots of green leafy vegetables like spinach, swiss chard, kale, Romain Lettuce and other leafy green lettuce.

    Be sure you're eating a good variety of vegetables every day. This can be raw or steamed or roasted. Stay away from fried foods.

    Be sure you are getting plenty of animal based protein. This is important for creating healthy egg and sperm cells (if your husband joins you in this healthy way of eating) and that will lower the risk of miscarriage and increase the chances of conceiving a truly healthy baby. Try to eat low-mercury fish every week, at least 2-3 times a week. This should be wild, fresh-caught or frozen fish, but stay away from farmed fish.

    It sounds as if you are a wonderful mum who loves her baby very much. We all learn new things every day, all through our lives. When you do the best you can, with the knowledge you have, there's nothing to feel guilty about. If you struggle with sadness alot, there are vitamins and supplements you can take to feed the brain so that you feel happier. But in general it's best to move forward knowing you're doing the best you can possibly do for your little one.



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