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    Birth Control

    I have been on birth control for several years. After I had our twin boys, I got my tubes tide. My doctor told me that I my hormons will be off because my body is used to birth control.
    It has been 4 months now since I had the boys, and I feel that I am as emotional and moody as I was when I was pregnant. Sometimes I get really down and not sure if its post partum or if its normal to feel this way. My husband and I have been having a hard time lately. He said its hard to deal with my emotions. I am just wondering what I can do to feel better. Some days I feel fine and then others not so fine

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    Hi Jessica,

    There are so many things that can affect a new mum's emotions the first few months after giving birth, and sadly, if you don't have a husband who is very supportive and understanding, it can be even harder.

    There are a few things you can do to help yourself with your emotions and to also help with balancing hormones. I'll list them and then explain in more detail the actions you can take to accomplish each item.

    1. Get plenty of rest
    2. Eat a very healthy diet, full of fruits and vegetables.
    3. Get plenty of sunlight or Vitamin D3
    4. Take supplements/vitamins that balance hormones.
    5. Drink plenty of pure water each day.
    6. Have 2-3 good bowel movements every day to help relieve the body of old hormones and toxins.
    7. Get some exercise every day
    8. Set aside alone time for just you and your husband

    I recognize that at first sight, some of these things may seem nearly impossible, given the fact that you are caring for twin 4 month olds and a 5 year old (let alone, dealing with hormonal imbalances). So I will attempt to give you some suggestions on easiest ways to accomplish it all.

    1. Get plenty of rest
    One of the easiest ways to get extra rest is to rest when the babies are sleeping. I know this can be tough when you have one that is sleeping and one that is awake, but do what you can to have everyone settled and quiet so you can get at least 20 minutes of sleep. Even a 20 minute power nap can make a huge difference in how you feel (and cope). Be sure you have battery operated swings (or ones that plugs in) so that you can place babies in swings while you rest.

    Here's a site that explains about the 5 "S's" that calm fussy babies. Lots of short videos there with demonstrations of babies being settled quickly.

    As for the 5 year old, just let her have quiet time. A nap, or read books for an hour or two. Or just lay on the floor quietly while you nap on the couch or the bed. Make naps a priority during the day, and be sure you're always home from running errands by nap time. Afternoons should always be home time, so schedule doctor appointments, etc. in the mornings.

    Take advantage of offers from friends and family who want to spend time with the babies, and try to get a nap while they come over to watch the children.

    2. Eat a very healthy diet, full of fruits and vegetables.
    One of the best ways to get enough nutrition in your diet is to make smoothies, especially green smoothies. Green smoothies are just smoothies that have dark green leafy vegetables added to them. You can't taste the greens very much when you have sweet fruits like bananas and pineapple in the smoothie. Children LOVE green smoothies - even babies.

    Fully Raw Kristina has some amazing nutrient packed raw food recipes, but here is a really yummy green smoothie that she makes. The goal is to actually get at least one head of dark leafy greens (like spinach, kale, swiss chard, Romain Lettuce, etc.) into your body every day. This can be a challenge when you're trying to just eat salads. But if you blend them into a smoothie, or juice them with a juicer, then it's a lot easier, and the nutrients from the greens will give you energy and really help to balance hormones.

    3. Get plenty of sunlight or Vitamin D
    Ideally, you want to get 20 minutes of sunlight on your entire body every day. However, this is not practical, being that most of us don't lay out in the nude each day. But one way to get the Vitamin D you need is to actually take it in a vitamin D3 supplement. It's important to know your Vitamin D levels before starting to supplement because you can take too much. But most of us are actually deficient in this vitamin or are in the low normal levels (still an indication of deficiency). Your medical practitioner should be happy to order this test for you if you ask for it.

    Here's a good blog post that discusses PTLS (Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome) - some things that cause it, and some nutrients you need to take to counter it. Are you on any medications or hormones, and if so, what are they for?

    4. Take supplements/vitamins that balance hormones. We can talk about this more after I learn what you are currently taking. Also, working with a nutritionist or someone who has a lot of good nutrition background can be helpful.

    5. Drink plenty of pure water each day. Investing in a water filter is important so you're taking stress off of your liver and kidneys, which are key components in hormone regulation. Even an inexpensive water filter is better than nothing at all. Most nutritionists recommend drinking twice your body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 140 pounds, you would drink 70 ounces of liquids (pure water, freshly squeezed juices, broths, etc.) per day. This is important with moving old hormones and toxins out of your body, balancing hormones, increasing frequency of bowel movements (avoiding constipation) and keeping your body as lubricated as possible (this includes vaginal lubrication which can be scarce after a tubal).

    6. Have 2-3 good bowel movements every day to help relieve the body of old hormones and toxins.
    Drinking enough water is important her, as mentioned above, but increasing your intake of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds will also help. Liquid chlorophyll and Barley Grass have good nutrient value and will help to keep the bowels moving. Reduce/eliminate refined foods and foods that have sugar, white flour (including pasta), a lot of dairy and meat. A small amount of dairy and meat is fine, but when you're eating primarily dairy, meat and carbs like pasta, crackers, cookies, candy, etc. your body will become too acidic and then the bowels tend to become sluggish.

    7. Get some exercise every day
    This is important for bringing enough oxygen into your system. Oxygen is life giving and life sustaining and some of the ways we get enough is by laughing, blowing up balloons, dancing and exercising. In your situation I would encourage you to take a long walk with the babies and your 5 year old every day. If you want to take a faster walk, try to take the babies out while the 5 year old is in school or while she has some one on one time with daddy. But even if you can't walk very fast with the 5 year old, just getting out for a stroll is very helpful for emotional stability and overall health.

    You can also find an exercise that you really enjoy doing. Do you like to go ice skating? Maybe your local ice rink has a "coffee hour" for adults one morning a week, and you could get a sitter to come to the house for a couple of hours while you ice skate. Think about what you enjoy doing and then create a plan to do it. Feel free to post back here for any suggestions on overcoming obstacles. We love to brainstorm.

    8. Set aside alone time for just you and your husband
    You may not feel very amorous right now, but making time for lovemaking with your husband is important to him. You may have to be creative. Wait until the 5 year old is down for the night, and then put the babies in the swing or try to get them to go down. Change into something that makes you feel sexy, spread a blanket on the living room floor (or hop in bed) and have a romantic evening together. There are even some fun games that you can purchase that make your intimate time with your husband more interesting for the two of you. I highly suggest staying away from pornography as it will actually destroy the intimacy between you and is highly addictive for men. But being creative in where and when you enjoy each other can spark passion in you and keep him satisfied while you are in this season of life.

    You may, at some point, want to consider a tubal reversal, as I understand it can wreak havoc on the emotions. The link I posted above about PTLS talks more about this... and if you decide to go that direction, then we have lots of good information on Natural Birth Control that has been proven to work just as effectively as the Pill.

    Please post back with any questions or further information. There are nutrients that can help with depression and help balance hormones. I just wanted to see what you're already taking before discussing those.

    Warm Regards,

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