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Thread: how can i take good care of the baby that is teething?

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    Lightbulb how can i take good care of the baby that is teething?

    I am a first time mum and i am very afraid whenever my baby is sick.
    There were signs of teething so that is normal as what others say but i am still worried. I just want to know the things that are still normal and is already beyond normal if the baby is teething.

    I hope to hear from you soon.


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    Dear Cristel,

    I can emphasise with you - it is concerning when your baby is not well.

    Some babies seem to find teething very painful and difficult and other babies do not seem bothered by their new teeth growing. The average age for a first tooth to appear is 6 months although it is possible for a baby to be born with a tooth. For some babies, their first tooth does not appear until they are closer to 12 months.

    In general, the signs and symptoms of teething are:

    - red cheeks
    - sore or red gums
    - baby may be unsettled or cry
    - baby may not sleep as well
    - lots of dribbling
    - some babies have nappy rash and runnier stools when they are teething due to swallowing more saliva than usual
    - a teething baby often puts their fist in their mouth a lot or tries to chew on hard objects

    If your baby has diarrhoea and a fever or is crying inconsolably for more than two hours this would not be considered normal teething behaviour and it is best to seek medical advice in these circumstances.

    You should always contact your doctor if your baby has:

    - a fever of 38 degrees C or higher (if they are under 3 months) or a fever of 39 degrees C or higher if they are over 3 months old
    - diarrhoea for longer than 12 hours
    - vomitting for more than 12 hours or repeated vomiting
    - persistent/ unusual crying

    Once your baby's first tooth starts to emerge you can start cleaning their teeth with a baby toothbrush twice a day using a tiny smear of toothpaste.

    There are some suggestions in this previous thread on teething remedies.

    I hope this information is useful for you. Please do post back with any further questions that we can help you with.

    Best wishes,

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    Hi LJ,

    Thank you for this information. It will help me a lot!

    If I do have further questions in the future, I will definitely post back.


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    I'm glad this was helpful

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    It is very helpful! Thank you so much!

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