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    Cramping with my twins

    I am having a lot of cramping and pressure with my twins. My doctor told me to stay off my feet and drink plenty of fluids. This doesn't seem to be working, is there anything else I can do to resolve my issue?

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    It is not uncommon to experience irregular Braxton Hicks contractions in pregnancy, these can be more noticeable in a twin pregnancy. Braxton Hicks contractions occurring throughout pregnancy and you will feel he layers of your uterus will tighten irregularly and it is usually not painful. If you notice these contractions becoming regular or more often - for example five in one hour it may be premature labour. If you notice regular contractions contractions lie down and have a rest but if they persist over the next hour or you notice them getting stronger contact your midwife or doctor.

    A supplement of magnesium can sometimes help with cramping. Also submerging yourself in a deep warm bath may also help.
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    How are you feeling Vjones8290? Has the cramping reduced at all?

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