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    Kid's Hygiene

    My son hates having his ear cleaned. He cries a lot every time I clean his ears, so I don't do it too often. It is as if he is in pain or really mad about it. The same thing with his nose. The last time we had a visit to his Paediatrician, he never saw any problem with his ears and nose. Should I go further and have him checked by an ENT?

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    If your pediatrician didnt see an issue then I would worry about it. However....I wouldnt clean his ears anymore if it causes him pain. Take a wash cloth and wipe around his ear. The ear is self cleaning and their is no need to stick anything inside his ear.
    Most kids dont need their nose cleaned either...they will happily pick it. If thats the case, then encourage your child to wash his hands.


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    Thank you for the advice.

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    I completely agree with you, sunnymumof5. You should not do it without the consent of Paediatrician. It can hurt your child.

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