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    Twins sleeping environment

    Is it okay for my infant twins to sleep in the same crib together?

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    Yes, you can sleep you twins together in the same crib; this is called co-bedding. The research shows this does not introduce any risks for twins aged 3 months and under, but over this age the research shows that it is safest for twins to sleep in two separate cribs. Co-bedding can help twins to regulate their temperature and, for some twins, it helps them to settle each other.

    Newborn twins can sleep next to each other in the crib. Once your twins are more than a few weeks old you can sleep them at either ends of the cot with their feet pointing towards each other. A baby sleeping bag is the safety form of cover for twins, providing they meet the manufacturer's required weight for the sleeping bag.

    You may find that wearing your twins in a sling in the evening helps to settle them. You can 'tandem babywear'; this is where you wear two babies together.

    There is some excellent help on the Dr. Sears website on helping twins to sleep.

    Whilst I am passing on some resources to you, I wonder if you have thought much about feeding your babies yet? There is some useful information from La Leche League on breastfeeding twins here. I know there is lots to think about, but just take one day at a time.

    I hope this helps you.

    Best wishes,


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    But don't you think that if someone gets effected from any viral infection, the other will be too? and what do you think about buying different bedding for them like from aden and anais www elanlinen com au/aden-anais or somewhere else in Australia?
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