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Thread: Mei Tai - How do you tie yours?

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    Mei Tai - How do you tie yours?

    I have seen good reports for the Mei Tai, particularly for carrying toddlers. I used a Kari Me for my baby until 1 month ago (he is now 12 months old). This was great when he was smaller but the stretchy fabric has meant the sling gets lower as he gets bigger! Now I have a Mei Tai which he is enjoying but I am still mostly carrying him on the front with the straps crossed at the back.

    How do you tie yours? Do you have any Mei Tai baby wearing tips?

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    I used a Mei Tai for a long time, it was actually one of the first carriers I ever used. I still use mine at times, but I really enjoy using my soft structured carrier and ring slings too.

    If my baby is in the front, I take each strap and put it over my shoulder. I then cross the straps on my back and pull around to the front. I then cross the straps again and twist them, and then I pull them to the back again (under the baby's legs) and tie it. I have found that by doing the twist in the front, it gives the baby more support. It is a bit hard to explain, but I will try to find a picture to show how I tie them. The Front Carry Back Tie instructions for Babyhawk look similar to what I do. I also do the twist when my baby is in a back carry, as well.

    I think doing the twist tie when the baby is in the front does help keep the baby higher and better supported. I do suggest making sure to keep the straps tight (not too tight), but make sure they are snug, and that the baby does not seem to be hanging too low. For a back carry, I suggest trying it out at home several times before doing it in public. I know some mums prefer to just flip their little one over their shoulders, but I always felt better just sliding my baby around my side. I do recommend waiting until the baby is a bit older to try back carries, as it can be hard to get the positioning right at first. It is also nice to keep the baby in the front when they are little so they can breastfeed if they need too.

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    Thanks very much for the tips Jessica! I'm finding the twist tie you mentioned a really useful way to tie the Mei Tai. He sits higher in the carrier with it like this which is more comfy for me too.

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    Your welcome! I was so happy to discover the twist tie, as I usually just tied it in front before.

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    Even my husband is a fan now - check out this photo of him carrying the little lad last week!
    mei tai carry.jpg

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