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Thread: Right age for Pregnancy

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    Right age for Pregnancy


    I am Manju. I am a 26 year old Professional thinking about getting pregnant soon and thus I have this question in mind.

    These days there is a talk about a preference for early pregnancy, before 30 years of age but being a professional, it is difficult as well. Is there a particular age bar beyond which it will be impossible to get pregnant?

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    Hi manju,

    Thank you for your interesting question.

    It is difficult to give an age beyond which it is impossible to get pregnant because this varies significant between individuals. It is related to the age which you go through the menopause; this can be predicted based on the age your mother went through the menopause.

    Beyond 35 years of age, the quality and quantity of a women's eggs decrease. This makes it more difficult to conceive and also unfortunately makes the chance of miscarriage higher as well as syndromes such as Down's Syndrome. By age 40 most women only have a 50% chance of successfully conceiving and this percentage rapidly drops in the subsequent five years (reaching only 5% at age 45).

    There is a previous thread here by our midwife Jane with more information on conceiving as an older mum.

    Please do let us know if you have any further questions about this.

    Warm wishes,


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