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    Pregnancy after oral contraceptives

    I have been using oral contraceptives for the past 3-4 years but I want to start planning a family. How long after I stop using the pill can I get pregnant? Does it take long for my system to “clean” itself? Thanks!

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    Dear Sunny,

    This is an interesting question.

    It is possible to get pregnant on your first ovulation following stopping the pill. Most women would have a period around 1 month after stopping the pill but for some women it can take a few months for her period to return. You should see your doctor if it takes more than 3 months for your period to return (assuming you are not pregnant!).

    Did you have regular periods before you went on the pill?

    The latest research shows it is safe to get pregnant the first time ovulation occurs when stopping the pill (if this was the case then you would have conceived straight away and so would not actually get a period).

    It would be a good idea to start some preconception care in the months leading up to you planning a pregnancy.

    Warm wishes,


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    Thanks a lot, it was heplful!

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    You are very welcome.

    Please do post back if you have any further questions.

    Best wishes,


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    yes, that was helpful for me too. Thanks.
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