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    Camping Suggestions

    I'm going to Joshua Tree for camping with my kids, the place is really awesome my kids are just crazy to go there, i want to know what kind of things should i need there, what kind of tent safety precautions and other things to survive. If anyone of you have some suggestions so i really love to know.

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    That sounds like a fantastic way to spend quality time with your kids. Some friends of mine have recently came back from camping with their toddler and older child and they said the kids loved being out in the open and exploring nature.

    Make sure you take some insect repellent, sun cream, a first aid pack and a torch and plan your arrival so that you can set up in the daylight. How old are your kids? How long are you going camping for? You may find it helpful to plan your meals in advance - simple, hearty food is great for camping with kids. Planning well ahead will mean you can focus on watching your kids when you are outdoors without trying to cook a meal/ put up a tent when your kids are in need of food/ sleep.

    There's a helpful camping with kids resource here from Australian Family Style. The Camping for Kids website also has some useful safety tips.

    Happy camping!

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