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Thread: Advise please?

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    Advise please?

    Hi! Iím becoming worried because of changes occurring in my body now. I am 2 months pregnant and I donít know if the changes that are happening are normal or not. I have changes in my mood. I got mad easily, feel irritated sometimes. I have lots of cravings with many different foods to eat. There are hobbies that I want to do before but now, Iím irritated to do it. I know changes are normal in pregnancy, but can you tell me when can I consider it as an abnormal change? Please help me through giving some advice. It would really be a great help. Thanks a lot!

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    The changes in your mood that you describe are a normal part of pregnancy; particularly in the first trimester. Pregnancy can be a very emotional time and there are also lots of new hormones being produced in your body that can lead to the feelings that you describe. There is more information on emotions in pregnancy in this interesting article on Early Pregnancy - What to Expect

    In terms of the cravings, again this is a very normal; particularly in early pregnancy. You should make sure you are eating a healthy balanced diet. have a read of this article on Safe Eating and Drinking in Pregnancy. You should folic acid supplements in the first trimester too.

    Does this answer your questions?

    Best wishes,


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